Vinyl and Lino Flooring: Great Looking, Hard Wearing and Easy to Maintain

Create an impact in your home or workplace with vinyl flooring that gives you a great finish – and one that is easy to clean. Vinyl flooring can offer many advantages over timber and tile products such as easy cleaning, less seams, quieter underfoot, softer and less costly. Vinyl can also now come in p-lank form to give the natural timber look flooring.

We even have non-slip vinyl flooring which offers greater safety particularly for the elderly or for those wet areas.

To Suit All Budgets

At Dallison and Sons, we have an extensive range of stock vinyls available in two & three metre widths; as well as having access to a huge range of designer selections. Whatever style, design and budget you have, if we don’t have it in stock, we can easily order it in.

Huge Range Available

If you are looking to install a new vinyl or carpet floor, do not look any further than Dallison and Sons Flooring. With a huge range available, covering sheet vinyl, vinyl tiles/lino tiles, hot press tiles and cork tiles, you can be sure you can find an option that suits your style, requirements and budget.

Preparation & Installation

The quality of the finish of your vinyl flooring depends on the preparation that is undertaken prior to laying lino or vinyl floors. Just as with our carpet flooring, we do not compromise on the preparation of your vinyl flooring installation to ensure a professional finish.

What You Need to Know About Vinyl for Your Home

There are two types of vinyl flooring construction.

Also called rotovinyl, this is when a pattern is printed directly onto the top layer of the vinyl flooring and then covered with a clear wear layer.

Vinyl chips or particles on a vinyl backing create durable flooring with colors/patterns that won’t wear away.

Vinyl are the easily one of the most flexible type of floor. It is very durable and can look like anything, from stone to wood and other natural materials. While vinyl floors are easy to care for, there are some general rules you must follow to keep your vinyl floor clean and vibrant throughout the life in your home.

Sweep or Vacuum

Dust, sand, sand and other abrasive materials can scratch vinyl, even with the protective coating surface. Sweep or vacuum your vinyl floor regularly. Vacuums have trouble suctioning to vinyl at the time, so you may be better off using a broom. Placing mats at all outside entrance areas can greatly reduce the amount of dirt and sand on your vinyl floor.

Wash and Mop
Mop the floor of your weekly or monthly, depending on how much traffic you get and how you get the floor dirty. Stay away from a mop, because they have a tendency to water seeping into the cracks between the vinyl floors. Wash your vinyl floor with an agent, non-abrasive cleaner light, preferably one that is specifically recommended by the manufacturer. Do not use abrasive cleaners, night stick, or solvent-many of these products can scratch and discolor your floor.

Protection from Furniture
If you move the furniture to the vinyl floor, lift or slip a sock over the foot of the furniture. If you have a chair or table in the vinyl floor, get a glider or any other kind of protection to the bottom of your furniture legs.

Polishing your floor is the best way to maintain the luster and add extra protection to your floor. Do it every so often with the paint, approved by the manufacturer and is safe for your floor.

Wipe up spills
If there are spills on the floor, wipe it immediately. Do not use soap, as it can dull your floor with an extra layer of film. Use a clean cloth and plain water to clean it. In all, vinyl floors really are some of the easiest floors to have, and remains one of the most popular type of floor in the market. Unfortunately, too many people do not treat them right off the floor and they grow dirty and dull. But just by cleaning your vinyl floor regularly and make sure it gets proper care; your floor will last longer than most, and maintaining good health and beauty in old age.