Curtains – Bringing Warmth and Character to the Home

If you are thinking of redecorating, renovating or building, the team at Dallison and Sons can help you bring your windows to life and create a great new look for your home. Weather you love classic good looks, smart contemporary design or the latest trends you’ll find fabulous buys and ideas at Dallison and Sons. Curtains are an essential element in the design and decor within most homes. Window dressing can vary immensely from room to room and subsequently your choice of curtain design is vitally important if you are to create stunning statements throughout the home. From the most affordable ready-mades through to exquisite custom made curtains, blinds and accessories we have the look to suit every lifestyle and budget.

Ready Made or Designed

From ready made curtains, netting and blinds to custom made curtains, we are able to deliver a windows solution that will satisfy all your requirements

Wide Range of Colours/Styles

We hold an extensive range of stock, so it doesn’t matter if you want the classic look, modern feel or colours that will brighten the entire street, we’ve got you covered


Installation of Curtains

We offer a professional curtain, netting and blind installation service. Visiting your property, we will make sure that your curtains are hung correctly and make your place look fantastic

Ready Made or Custom Made Curtains for Your Home or Premise

The only way to ensure that your window decorating ideas are brought to life in the way you imagined, is through custom making. It is simply the only way to ensure that your investment will continue to serve your needs and give you pleasure for many years.

When you invest in custom made drapes or curtains, you can select from hundreds of fabrics in thousands of colours and patterns. This means you will achieve exactly the right colour co-ordination for any room.

The correct Heading Style, Fullness, Length, Lining and Coverage is guaranteed when your curtains are custom made. Top Treatments, Swags, Tails, Contrasting Trims and Co-ordinating Tie-Backs are the things that make any window decoration unique to satisfy personal preferences. These can only be achieved with custom made drapes and curtains.

Only experience can ensure that curtains are properly installed to create the desired effect. The choice of track is also critical to ensure the proper curtain operation. At Dallison and Sons we are passionate about window decoration. We take personal pride in Custom Making Solutions to solve even the most difficult problems. To ensure that your window decorating ideas are successfully transformed into reality, custom making is the answer.

Ready made curtains represent the cheaper option for many homeowners, as they are prefabricated they will typically cost much less than custom made varieties. Subsequently they can be considered an excellent choice, particularly if you are kitting out the entire property.

When buying ready made curtains it is important to consider how the curtains are to function and in which room they are going to be placed. For example, heavy blackout fabrics are typically perfect for bedrooms where it is important to have a darkened room. In contrast, other rooms in the home such as the kitchen will naturally have different requirements when it comes to making a decision on window coverings.

It is also worthwhile considering how you are going to hang your curtains. In most cases this will be performed using either a pole or a rail. Curtain poles come in a plethora of different styles and designs making it easy to find a pole that suits your own personal taste. For example wooden poles will provide a classical look whereas metallic poles a far more contemporary style. Rails on the other hand are designed so that they are invisible when the curtains are closed; as such design is less important although you may want to invest in a valance to cover the rail whilst the curtains are open.

When you are buying ready made curtains it is essential to measure your windows precisely. If you fail to do this you may end up with curtains that are either too short or do not hang well. The length of curtains is vitally important. Off the shelf options typically come in generic sizes providing a curtain that will either sit just below the window frame or reach the floor. If you have irregularly shaped windows however, it can be difficult to find curtain sizes off the shelf that will fit properly.

Once you have decided upon the size of the curtain it is important to look at its style and color. In most cases you want the window dressings to complement the existing or planned decor. As such any patterns or colors should be uniform or at least match up with soft furnishings and other decorative features.